Contact Lenses

Since the 1960’s, the number and variety of contact lens products have increased dramatically, and it is even more crucial now that patients receive periodic and high-quality contact lens care.

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Visit our new online store for contact lenses. The site offers a safe and secure online ordering feature.

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Our offices are staffed by highly trained contact lens fitting technicians. Under the direction of our doctors, these technicians will work with you to find the contact lens that provides the clarity of vision, eye health and comfort that you desire. This page provides an introduction of our services, the types of contact lenses available, and important information about the proper care and wearing of contact lenses.


At EyeCare Associates of Texas, P.A. we are constantly trying to give our patients the best discounts and rebates available. We think you’ll find our prices competitive to mail-order houses or large commercial outlets. You can also be comfortable knowing that your Eyecare professional is processing your order and that the answers to your questions are only a phone call away.

Order in Office

Your order can be delivered to your home, and no substitutions will ever be made for your brand. We also offer free replacement cases and starter kits with every purchase. Contact Lens can also be picked up at any three of our locations. If you have any questions, or would like to order by phone, please call (972) 637-1380.

Contact Lenses

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